Toxins are all around us; the air we breathe, food we eat, medications we take. Over time these toxins can have a negative impact on our emotional and physical well being. Through diffusion and osmosis, ionic detoxification removes the impurities from your body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much does it cost?

     $40/1 Session
     $175/5 Sessions
     $300/10 Sessions

2. How long are the sessions?

     Most sessions will be 30 minutes, may be reduced based upon age, health or medical conditions.

3. Does it hurt?

     No!  You will generally not feel anything.  If you get lightheaded or experience any other symptoms you should let the practitioner know right away.

4. Is it safe for everyone?

     Almost.  If you have a pacemaker or other implanted electrical or battery run devices you cannot utilize this method of detox.  Some medications may exclude you from being a candidate as well, or limit the time of day when you can receive treatment.

5. How many sessions do I need to be "detoxified"?

     The recommended number of sessions is equal to your age. So a 30 year old should receive 30 sessions before moving to the maintenance schedule.  The sessions are 2-3 times per week with a 2 week break after 10-14 sessions, then repeat.  After you have reached your target number of sessions then your maintenance schedule would be once per week or every other week.  Toxins are all around us every day.

6. Can I get the foot bath at my massage session?

     We recommend having your massage first then your foot bath.  We can schedule your ionic cleanse immediately following your massage (schedule permitting).

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